PrimeSense 3D sensing technology gives digital devices the ability to observe a scene in three dimensions. It translates these observations into a synchronized image stream (depth and color) – just like humans do. It then takes those synchronized images and translates them into information. We call this depth sensing, which is made possible through the cutting-edge technology embedded in our sensors and middleware.

PrimeSensor Sensor


PrimeSense 3D Sensors give digital devices the gift of sight, enabling Natural Interaction between people and devices and between devices and their surroundings.
Using cutting-edge technology, our sensors are robust, accurate and affordable; they are used in mass-market commercial devices. With more options than ever – mid-range, close range, a peripheral and an embedded sensor – we can support all your 3D sensing needs.

Nite Middleware

PrimeSense 3D sensing technology is a layered solution, combining both hardware and software. The PrimeSense NiTE™ perception algorithms layer is the most robust and advanced 3D middleware available in the market. It provides the application with a clear user-control API, whether it is hand-based control or a full-body control. The algorithms utilize the depth, color, IR and audio information received from the hardware device, which enable them to perform functions such as hand locating and tracking; user segmentation; user skeleton joint tracking; and more.